Look at what I found

This is what I found on a Jcpenney rack: IMG_20170522_163326

If anyone knows who this unknown designer is please report back to me and also send me your feedback on if you like it or not and why. Also I hope we find out who made this piece because we have news for the designer. Toodles, Until next time.

Check out Elie Saab

AnimalJam_1Elie Saab A really amazing Designer will be creating a new set of designs  for his next collection which will be a surprise to the whole world as always Elie turns random fabric into a work of art ,so I can’t wait for everyone to see what he has in-store this time. Toodles Until next time.


Some of you may have noticed my absence and the reason behind it is huge. So I went to a foster home with me friends because we were raising money for the kids because they don’t have as much stuff as their suppose to. So we got there and the lady who owns the place went to the ladies room. I went to one of the 8 yr old girl and said”this place must be great since you got some toys”. The girl replied ” no the keeper just bought them  today. She is never nice and makes us clean the whole house. The only reason she bought these was to pretend she treats us well.” I was shocked that they were treated this way and wanted to help so I ask some of my friends to adopt since I am not ready for a kid yet. I wanted to help too so I created this song for them. I want you guys to here it. Caution: Before you listen to this song I want you to know I used my friends speaker account and that I wrote this in a child who is treated bad perspective so this may sound childish. Well enjoy.
I will like to here your feedback. Well toodles until next time.

Questions answered

I love helping people and giving advice, so I started an advice column and you just send it to me to the email I created. So far 2 people took some time out their marvelous day to ask me a question and now I will answer it. First one I got said: For graduation I want to wear a black shear dress but my mom wants me to wear a white lace mini dress. What do I do?.  Answer: Simple you tell her you only graduate once so can I wear what I want because I am the one graduating. If that doesn’t work let me give you my friend email she can combine those two design and make it majestic. Second question said: When my mother told me she was looking for a dress for her business party I told her I could help but she said that my designs are childish. How do I confront her and tell her that I am hurt. Answer: Tell her you can have sophisticated and unique part of you when it comes to designing. If that doesn’t work make a bland jacket that looks tattered and walk around your house wearing it and she will be bound to notice. Tell her that you could be her second decision and that you can upgraded one of her looks slightly.

Can you guess what I made it from? Leave your answer in comment section.

If you want to send my a question. Here is an email to send it to: treschic999@gmail.com.                             Well Toodles Until Next Time!

Silly Saturday

I am thinking on starting a new tradition called Silly Saturday were I am post silly jokes or pics. Take a seat and listen because your in for quite a treat. I was in a cafe getting  a latte when a man walked in with only underwear and asked have any of you seen my clothes. He walked up to me just as a dog in a dress shirt, tie and sunglasses got there. The man said” There you are Bob”. He turned to me and said ” Did you take my clothes.” I told him I didn’t but he  just kept accusing me I was like Um sir that dog has your clothes. Then finally I  yelled him” Your dog has on your clothes.” He answered” Hilarious like I would see him wearing it.”I just walked out of that cafe with my latte and didn’t bother turning around. Seriously I didn’t want to talk this man. How doesn’t he notice his dog has on his clothes. Well that’s it for Silly Saturday.

I got to admit this dude is rocking those glasses

Well Toodles Until Next Time.

Got news

You know when I started the advice section. Well I decided that I was going to make Gmail for just this blog so you can send me the questions you have. I will post the questions you had and my answer on this blog but will not include your name to keep private. The Gmail address is treschic999@gmail.com. Preview of tomorrow : tomorrow is Silly Saturday and I will be posting some jokes on my blog you don’t want to miss it.

Well Toodles Until Next Time


You all should know I cherish my family so much so I am featuring my friends daughter who is like family to me today.

Share your feedback about my friend’s daughter in the comment section and don’t forget to ask for any sort of advice you need.

Big news


I just heard Ralph Lauren making a new collection with an exotic variety of colors and textures. He said he would be transforming something old and normal into something new and unique.

Hey fashionistas something new to blog

I am starting an advice column for treschic99. All you have to do is leave a comment ask any question about fashion or beauty advice and I will answer the question and feature it on my blog. If you want me to keep whoever sent it a secret,

I would be glad to do so just remember to add a please keep secret after advice and I will know.


So fun to finally relax with my girls and have fun

My friends Carly and Siren and I ( behind them taking a photo of them) at the lake
My other friend Nelson sketched us as a gift

Well toodles until next time.